Passion or fear?

During my recent surgi-cation in NYC, D made the comment that she thinks that people are either motivated by passion or by fear. So smart, that D.

I am finding the fear-motivated people really tiresome lately, from the medical people who needed to try to discourage me from saving a man's life (I related a lot to this woman's story) to the marketers who just emailed me saying that my employees could be using Twitter instead of working right now!

Unclench and get out of my way, people. ;^)


Anonymous said...

I've been seeing lots of your story in various places (AOL's "Stories We Love", for example.)

You have my complete admiration. I'm proud to be your friend, even if it's been years since we visited.

much love, Tom (of Tom & Charlotte)

Jill Matrix said...

Thanks. It hit the AARP newsletter, too. Hahahah.

I love you guys. Thanks for the kind words. I admire your strength, as well. And I love my Tom's Bees T-shirt.