A three syllable f*ck for the city of Fort Worth. Below is my note to the town's fathers and motherf*ckers regarding this little fiasco:

It is apparently true that those who do not study history are destined to repeat it. I'm very sad to see that the police in Fort Worth re-enacted Stonewall on its 40th anniversary.

It seems very thoughtless to send police to conduct an "inspection" in a gay bar during a celebration of an end to police harassment of gay people, even if the police do *not* then beat the patrons. I've also never seen uniformed officers conduct bar inspections, but maybe that is just how you do it in Texas.

I have to add that if every woman who was ever touched by a man in a bar put the man in a coma ... there wouldn't be too many men left. I'm not saying that people can put their hands on each other like that -- they shouldn't. But it's not a death penalty offense. Women in that position just say, "Hey, stop it!" Perhaps ask your officers to try that instead?

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