Nothing says 'get well soon' like a steel-belted radial

Thanks to everyone who supported me through my adventures in Kidneyland. I had a ball, and I'm finally able to slip on a pair of pants again.

The knitting circle got me a get well soon tire, since my car developed a flat while I was away. Much more practical than flowers, esp. since I was barely in the hospital. And so hilarious, as get-well gifts go. There was talk of coating it in glitter and writing "Get Well Soon" in chalk, but cooler heads prevailed.

The man who got my kidney is doing fantastically well. I went home after one day, and he went home a few days after that, peeing like a racehorse, in the words of his surgeon.

So I'm home, with a bit of a cold, enjoying my coffee and writing thank-you notes. Thank you!

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